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Thread: Electric Fence Help (diff prob from acer66)

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    Okay fence guys/gals....please help!

    I bought a house on a 1 acre lot. The previous owners had the entire property fenced in with a wire field fence (4" squares maybe?) and had a single strand electric fence around the top of it to keep their dog in. I am in rural AZ by the way. I didn't have a dog at the time, so I disconnected the fencer unit and put it up. I recently got a dog and while having him in my 50 ft X 10 ft dog run, he decided to jump the fence, so I figured it would be good to hook it back up.

    A little extra background, we had some bad flooding this past summer in which the flood waters took out a good part of the fencing in the front of the house. So we tore out all of the destroyed fence and will rebuild eventually. So this brings on the need to keep the dog in the dog run. Due to high winds, some of the electric fence around the dog run had been broken as well. So this past weekend, I re-ran the wire that needed fixed. I hooked the fencer unit back up (it is a Havahart SS-225 unit for pets), plugged it in and nothing.

    I broke out the multimeter and found the voltage dead at the unit. So I initially assumed the unit was dead. Bought a replacement, hooked it up, same thing. So obviously figured it was something else. After some basic troubleshooting, I realized that with the wire leading from the fencer to the fence unhooked, the unit put out the 800 volts it was supposed to. So I put it on the ringer setting, put one lead on the electric fence, the other lead on the field fence and got tone, indicating a short. The fence is attacked to T-posts all around. There are insulators on each post and the wire is properly running through the insulators. I walked the length a couple of times today (about 200-300 feet total length) and the electric fence is not touching the field fence in any one place. Checked the resistance in numerous places and still finding a short.

    Sorry for writing a book, but thought the more info the better. Any ideas?

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    Have you checked the lead wire from the control unit to the start of the fence?
    Do you have a pigtail sticking out at the end of the run that could be touching something?

    You could have a defective insulator. If it is dark enough, try powering it up at night and look for sparks or arcing when the unit pulses (if it doesnt pulse you may not see anything other then when it is powered up)

    If you are able to splice the wire later you can cut it somewhere and rule out half of the circuit.

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