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Thread: Lennox Elite CB30M 65 1P heat pump switch positions

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    Default Lennox Elite CB30M 65 1P heat pump switch positions

    We have just moved house, it has a Lennox Elite CB30M 65 1P heat pump. There are two circuit breakers on the front, the left one is on and the right one is off. We are trying to find the correct settings for A/C in the summer and Heat in the winter. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Are these 2 single pole breakers or are they 2 double pole (2 breakers connected together, or a single lever breaker that takes up 2 spaces)?

    What size are the breakers (what is the number on the handle)?

    Does this unit have electric backup?

    Normally the only change you need to go from heat to AC is the switch on the t-stat.

    Can you post a pic?

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    Many heat pump air handlers will have electric strip aux heat. Code requires that these be subdivided into loads less than 48 amps (and since heat is continuous, 48*1.25 = 60A for the max breaker for heat).

    So you could have more than 48 amps worth of heat, and someone decided to keep one off to save money (and the house will heat much more slowly on cold days).

    Or perhaps you don't have much aux heat installed and that second breaker is not feeding any heat strips. In that case, turning it on should not affect anything.

    See if there is a nameplate rating on the air handler which tell you how much strip heat is installed in KW or if there is an MCA number on its nameplate.

    You could also look at your breaker panel and see how many circuits feed this heat pump. One large one 80 to 125 amps) would make sense for two 60+60 breakers. You could also have two breakers, one landing onto each 60A breaker in the air handler. If there is a single 60A circuit, it probably lands on one of the two breakers in the air handler and the other has no power applied to it.
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