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Thread: How do I go about finding CEC book?

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    Default How do I go about finding CEC book?

    Basically I have this problem and I'm not sure where to start.
    This problem is based on a commercial Hairdressers/Salon
    g if someone could point me in the right direction in the CEC book to find the following information needed to calculate....

    What kind of breaker/How many Amps are needed to Run a commercial blow dryer and a curling iron at the same time?
    Currently there are 2 blow dryers and curling irons on the same breaker but only 1 can be used at a time

    How many lights can go on a single 15 A breaker? 50w track lighting, 4 tracks with 4 lights each.

    can 5 baseboard heaters can be used on a 15A breaker when run continuously throughout the work day? Do you need to upgrade to a 30A? Is that allowed?

    The customer has 22 breaker spaces, 2 are spares (available)
    There are 2, 30A breakers inside the panel.
    I'm trying to find out if the customer would be able to add the previous things into the existing panel or if they would need an upgrade.

    I have no idea about how much power a curling iron and a blow dryer uses or where to find that in the code book.
    Same with the heaters... I know that Section 8 covers this sort of thing for a residential home but how do I calculate all of this for a Commercial building? Thats the main problem I am having

    for the lights... 50w/120v = 0.416A
    15A (breaker) /0.416A =36 x 80% = 28.8, meaning that I can put 28 lights on 1 breaker, is this correct?

    I'm not really sure how to find this information and trying to figure these kinds of things out is a bit new to me.


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    You won't find how many watts hair dryers or curling irons use in a code book.
    If the devices have regular 15 amp plugs on them then you can't install anything larger than 20 amp T slots. If it's still popping the breaker then you need more circuits or split wired receptacles.

    You also need the watts of the heaters to determine what size circuit(s) you need.

    based on Ontario 2009 book.

    lighting question look at 30-712.
    heating look at section 62 and specifically 62-108.

    Sounds like an upgrade is needed since you need at least four circuits
    1 for lighting
    1(or two if 240 volt) for heating
    2 or more for the blowers and iron.

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    ok thanks, I wasn't looking for a specific wattage for the heaters I was wondering if there was a place with a general guideline such as section residential where X amount is for X appliance etc.

    so basically the person can only have lights and a plug without an upgrade. lol

    Thanks for the help, I don't get ANY one the job exp using the code book so I still find it confusing. Any code i do know is told to meand I memorize it but that's just general things like strapping pipe, BX rules, distance of plugs in kitchen counters bathrooms etc, basic stuff.
    I even got the lighting at 80% from memory I had no clue on what to look at to find it in the book lol
    Thanks I appreciate it.

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