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Thread: Honda GX270 Spark plug Lead Problem

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    Default Honda GX270 Spark plug Lead Problem

    Hi, I had a problem with the spark plug lead and had to replace it, but my problem is when I reassemble it there is a clicking noise when i pull the pull cord, I have taken it appart several times but still the same clicking noise.

    Does anyone know what is the distance the coil shud be from the fly wheel (magnet) & what the problem might be.

    Also anyone know where I can get an online engine manual for the GX270



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    try here

    They shouldnt touch but they should be as close as possible. There may be a spec in the manual.

    Is this a mechanical click (2 things hitting) or is it your plug wire or coil arcing to the frame (can make a click sound too)?

    Take the cover off if you can and pull the cord in the dark. You can also pull the plug out and hold the threads to the frame (keep clear of the electrode) and spin the fly wheel by hand and see if it sparks (make sure any safety shutoffs are held down if there are any). If you have a short somewhere you probably wont get much spark and possibly a spark somewhere else.

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    Simple fix, A buisness card, without raised letters, make certain the coil & magnet are one on one.

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    FYI.... The specified gap for ignition coil (air gap) should be set to 0.4mm +/- 0.2mm (0.016 +/- 0.008 in). Hope this helps! The clicking noise could be carbon build up either on the spark plug or around the high tension spark plug cap if you didnt replace it when you did the coil! Is the engine covered in carbon from running the exhaust too close to something??

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