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    Cool Patio Door Header

    We are replacing a patio door with a steel pre hung door in the basement.
    But the pre hung door is 1" to high. Can we cut out 1" of the header or can the steel door be cut down 1" ?

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    You're finding out a little too late that most of the doors made nowadays need a rough opening 1 inch taller than in years gone by. This is to accomodate for the threashold plate that they're putting on the bottoms now. It's a problem that I've noticed has bitten people on a regular basis in recent years.

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    Why not return the door for the correct size. Patio doors usually are 80", 83" or 96" high (aka: 6/6, 6/8 or 8/0). You should be able to get a pre-hung door that will fit into the old patio door space with little or no modification.
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