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    Can the glue used for water type PVC be used on Electrical grade PVC...if
    so, is the primer also required ??


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    Hmmm... I'm no chemist, but I think that the regular PVC glue would work with PVC conduit if you used the primer too. I've always been told that the electrical conduit PVC glue already has primer mixed in it. I can't say whether that's true or not. Why do you ask? Glue made specially for PVC conduit is quite readily available and it's no more expensive than regular PVC glue. If you have glue left over from another project that has any age on it at all, chances are pretty good that it's already turned gummy and has no value.

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    pvc glue(solvent cement) = i buy "all purpose/medium body" clear pvc glue which will work on all types of pipe/conduit up to 6". i use the primer(it's inexpensive) but you don't have to use it on conduit - unless it's dirty.

    if you buy carlon brand it will have grey resins in it. oatey is a common brand - lowes has it in all different types.

    buy only as much as you think you need - it only has a 2 year shelf life - and once it's opened and if it's not sealed real well - much less.

    if you have any left - put the can in one of those plastic freezer bags and squeeze all the air you can out of it before you seal it - it'll help.

    i never have that problem - my friends know i always have pvc cement in my truck, so it's usually "borrowed" before it gels.

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    The pipe has a designation electrical or plumbing, the glue does not.
    If it is glue for PVC is is OK to use.
    I think some areas require primer. Mine does not, I assume most don't.

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