Hey guys, I'm new here.

My name is Shane and I live in a small city in B.C. called Castlegar, in the heart of the most beautiful region I know, the Kootenays. I'm a young guy (34) married to a beautiful woman and we have two awesome kids, Dakota Shea, 6, and Jackson James, 4.

I was 18 when I started with a roofing/siding company, I managed close to two years before I had enough of packing bundles and permanently bleeding fingertips.

After that, I spent 10 years or so working with a general contractor/remodeler doing every hellish job imaginable ("just go do it, it's easy") before I decided a few years ago to go it on my own. I started with a partner which turned out to be the biggest mistake EVER! He was more interested in getting the money and running to the bar than making a real business out of it. So after 6 months, the partnership died and my own company was born again.

Now, I don't do million dollar renos (I know a lot of guys love that word :P ) as this is mainly a blue collar mill town but I do take pride in my work and being able to deliver a finished product that both I and the recipient can be proud of.

That's about all I got for now, looking forward to some interesting discussions.