milwaukee 5362 1" hawk rotary hammer - this is one of the best tools i've ever bought. i would recomend to anyone that's going to buy a hammerdrill to consider this instead. i bought this model when it first came out - probably 18 years ago and have drilled thousands of holes effortlessly in concrete, brick, etc.. you don't have to push at all - the hammering action of the drill does all the work. it only weighs about 1 1/2 lbs. more than a 1/2" hammerdrill, so it's not even noticable. you do have to use SDS bits - i like milwaukees or hiltis - they seem to last longer. i also resharpen the carbide tips at work - if you know someone that works in a machine shop and would do that for you, you'll extend the usable life of the bit.