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    I have a almost 4 year old Weil-Mclain gold series oil fired boiler. Due to the price of oil it's getting way to expensive. My local Natural gas company sent out a flyer to convert my oil to gas unit with a conversion kit. All of the companies they suggest say they'll take out my system & put in a new one they don't install a gas unit into a oil fired boiler.

    I talked to a company called Wayne combustion. that makes a gas burner that replaces my Beckett oil burner. They say it would work perfectly. they said their part # 63388 is the one I need to use.I called my local Johnstone supply company they said the part is $560 + tax. I called a Plumbing & heating contractor to see about having them install the unit. They told me they wouldn't do it that it would be like replacing a hand held torch with a flamethrower.

    I want to get some experienced info from you gentleman. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Chuck B

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    It's a marketing gimmick to get you to convert over. If you build a house they often will offer you free garage heaters and gas lights if you sign up for service and connect X number of gas devices.

    Nat gas puts out alot more heat then the equiv of fuel oil. I do not think a oil unit converted to gas will be efficient at all. It may be cheaper up front but it might kill you in the long run.. Ask for references for a similar unit conversion in a similar house and ask the homeowners what they think of it. If they wont give you references then run.

    Torch vs flame thrower is a great analogy for this! (ever look inside a older oil unit when the burner is lit?)

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    Mr T,
    Since oil is $4 a gl where I live in RI converting from a oil boiler to a new gas boiler is cheaper. What brand name gas boiler should I be looking for. I don't want to convert my oil to gas by chaNGING THE BURNER. I want to take out the oil boiler & totally replace it with a gas one so am Looking for a good brand name gas boiler.


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    Mr T,
    I don't want to convert my oil boiler to gas by changing the burner. I want to totally replace my oil boiler to a new NATURAL GAS ONE. So I am looking for good brand names of gas boilers.

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