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Thread: Well water pressure tank draining

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    Default Well water pressure tank draining

    I attempted to drain my well water pressure tank and only a gallon or two came out of the drain hose. Steps taken to do this: 1) Turned-off the breaker for the well pump; 2) attached drain hose to spigot located at/below the pressure tank; 3) closed the valve which feeds the whole house filter assembly; 4) opened the spigot to drain the tank.
    The pressure gauge dropped to 0 but not much water was drained. I opened the valve which feeds the whole house filter assembly thinking that this was the problem but that did not help with the draining. It seemed like most of the water remained in the tank due to being under vacuum or something similar.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Wink well water pressure tank drain

    you may have to open a faucet in the house to allow air over water for proper draining.

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    There are two types of tanks, plain old large tank and smaller size tanks with air bladders inside.
    If you have an older tank then you also need to open another valve somewhere to let air in. Or you need to pump air in via a schraeder valve.
    If yo have a bladder tank then you need to pump up the bladder to 2 psi less than the tank cut in.

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    Suggested method of draining a pressure tank for a well fed plumbing system:

    1. Turn off the pump.
    2. Open a cold water faucet.
    3. Pump air into the tank air valve slowly enough to keep the air pressure at or under 5 PSI. Stop when until you can sustain 5 PSI or if you get a steady flow of air out of the faucet.

    If the tank has a drain valve at the bottom, you can use that instead of a faucet to get the water out. If the tank has a drain valve at the bottom, just holding the air valve open will allow the water to come out without the need to pump air in.
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