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Thread: Extened run tank for Honda Generator

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    Default Extened run tank for Honda Generator

    I've made use of a marine outboard motor fuel tank, OMC fittings, hose with bulb and modified the gas cap on my Honda eu2000i to accept one of the OMC fittings. Hooked it all up, squeezed the bulb a couple of times, generator started, ran for a couple of minutes and stopped. Pumped the hose bulb a few more times, generator ran a bit longer and stopped. It seams that the generator isn't drawing fuel from the tank. This Honda model has a fuel pump so it should work. I didn't have the tank vent closed. Could this be the problem? No other indicator lights came on like low oil or overload.



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    all pumps are rated in flow and lift height.

    If you try to lift fuel from a lower level (more height) then you will get less flow. You may have cut back flow too much for the generator's needs. The onboard pump is designed for the onboard tank and it accounts for the tank's location in relation to the pump. Install a piece of clear hose if you can to see what is happening with flow.

    You may need to experiment with tank placement. Also if the tank is very tall then the pump may work different with a full tank and a low tank. A low profile tank that is wider or longer may be better if you can get it to a similar locaton as your onboard tank.

    Venting probably wont have much to do with it.. If the vent was closed and there is no way for air to get in (or a return line) then at some point the pump will not be able to get fuel out of the tank or it will loose prime.

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    We did about the same thing, and it's been working fine for last couple of years. What we did was drill the original generator cap, and then ran a piece of hose down into the generator tank. That piece of hose then goes up into the primer bulb, and on the other side of the primer bulb is another length of hose that we dropped down into a plastic boat tank. We then used seal all to seal it all lol.

    This setup has been mounted on the back of a cargo van for the last couple of years and works like a champ. The only thing that we might make a difference is that our tank is mounted on top of the box we have the generator in?

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