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Thread: What are best camp fire recipies?!

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    Talking What are best camp fire recipies?!

    Hello fellow campers! My family loves to go camping as equally they love to eat. Of course, part of the joy of camping is the inevitable camp fires and the meals/desserts created from it. Lately I have have found myself in a camping recipe rut and would be most grateful if anyone could offer some suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    we call em ho bo pies. get your camp fire sandwich cookers loaded and place in hot coals. keep smacking on fire ring to keep from sticking and let cool before licking. if they smell like they are burning they are done maybe over just a tad. the deep dish ones are the best as they hold more goods. the only dog on a stick that tops a fat ho bo pie is a fully loaded deer dog. we have found no difference between cast aluminum vs iron. once you start its vary hard to stop

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    I like using a cast iron dutch oven type pot with a cast iron lid. This dutch oven is big and very adaptable for many different recipes. You can bake with it by placing beside close to the fire then shovel hot coals onto the lid to create an even heat for baking.

    Try an easy one using canned peach or cherry or apple. Pour a couple of cans of the fruit of choice in the dutch oven. Stir in some baking powder or even flour to thicken while still cold. Peal apart hungry jack bisquits using them by halfs still raw on top of the fruit and baking powder. Then gently place close to the side of the fire. Take some hot coals and place at the bottom of the oven on the nonfire side to make even heat. Put the lid on and wait. Once the mixture is bubbling and thickened put the lid back on and place hot coals on the lid for about 5 minutes. Lift lid to see if bisquits are browned. Let cool and enjoy camp fire peach cobbler or other type fruit of your choice. Easy

    I have baked pot roast, pork shoulder, deer or beef stew, chili, and many more recipes with this cast iron dutch oven. In the winter time during a heavy snow day I often hang a coat hanger off each handle and hang this dutch oven in front of the fire in my fire place and enjoy camping in the worst of weather enjoying the fire and cooking campfire style in my fire place at home.

    Use your imagination. You can cook anything on a campfire you cook in your oven if you have the right equipment.


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    Dutch oven, sandwich maker (and a loaf of bread), and a roll of heavy duty tin foil.. With these, you can cook anything.

    Ask any Boy Scout you run into.. they can give you ideas till they loose their voice. Google should help too.

    Dutch Oven cobbler is the best. Make sure the oven you get has a lip on the lid to keep the coals ontop, not all of them have this. Also camp down wind from others... You will have more to eat that way.

    I was in the grocery store the other day and they even have camp fire pizza now... As mentioned.....anything is possible these days.

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    Default Spamwich

    I have discovered that when you take a bagel and add some cooked spam to it that it makes an outstanding sandwich. Add some toppings if you really want to get wild. Enjoy.

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    We like to make foil packets. An easy recipe for this is hamburger pattied out, then top with mushrooms, cheese sauce, corn and green beans. Place in foil packet and cook over the fire.

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    One we also love is pudgy pies. The sandwich maker is awesome and we make meat and cheese ones, pizza ones and fruit ones.

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