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Thread: Old kitchen - stove is next to wall - problem?

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    Default Old kitchen - stove is next to wall - problem?

    We have an older home (in Canada) and the stove in our kitchen is situated next to a partial wall. The front half of the depth of the stove sticks out, but half is next a wall. What are the regulations regarding this? I know it is not ideal but we really do not have a lot of options in this 60 year old home. We will be tiling the walls around the stove but..... will this suffice?
    Thank you so much for any help/direction you can give,

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    If I am reading this right, I have never heard of this being a problem. My range is next to a wall, but I am not positive

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    Sorry, I didn't explain it well. I'll try again... the back of the range is against a wall, no problem there. But the the side of the range is also positioned against a perpendicular wall. The wall only comes half way out, so only half of the side of the range borders this wall. I'm worried that this may not meet code.. just wondering what others may think/suggest........

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    There's absolutely nothing in the IRC that either prohibits or permits this type of installation. You can locate the range in the middle of the floor if you want. There are many houses that have nothing on either side of the range... it just sits against the wall. The IRC does prescribe certain ventillation requirement for the range, and does require that the range manufacturer's instructions be followed. You might notice that the sides of your range are finished in the same color as the rest of the range. This is because it is built to be exposed. This is why the typical 30 and 42 inch household range is called a 'freestaning range'. If you had a 'drop in range' which did not have side panels, then you would need the wall to completely cover the side of the range per manufacturer's instructions.

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    I appreciate all your help. Just one more question......... the left back burner of the gas range is situated right beside a wall, does this pose a fire hazard?

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    You need to contact the manufacturer of the stove (email, their web site, call them, whatever). Reason: the stove must be installed per the manufacturer's instruction for that model of stove. Also, you need to check with your local code enforcement official for any other requirements beyond the manufacturer's requirements.

    Typically stoves need to be installed at least 2" (edited; the burners should be at least 2") on the sides away from a wall or counter combustible surface. Also, the flooring under it should be able to withstand 200F in most cases. Drapes need to be away from the stove; on and on and on. It is an issue of safety and you sound like someone who wants the safest installation possible, which is the thinking everyone should have. The importance of following the manufacturer's instruction is critical, that is why you should contact the manufacturer and your local code officer to assure yourself of a great night's sleep.. every night!
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