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Thread: GE washer motor overheats and smokes during spin cycle

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    Default GE washer motor overheats and smokes during spin cycle

    GE washer, model - WBSE3120B

    Motor starts to overheat and smoke when spin cycle kicks into high gear, then cuts out, probably due to thermal protection circuitry

    The machine will progress through the agitation and rinse cycles with no problem and will begin the spin cycle. Problem occurs when spin speed increases after a brief period of lower speed spinning. This motor has two speeds. I am guessing that the higher spinning speed is accomplished by the high speed winding in the motor and not via the transmission, and that the problem is either in the high speed motor winding or some condition that is creating a drag when the basket is spinning

    Any thoughts or suggestions as to how to proceed with testing?

    Thanks, Jack

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    Saw this posting first...

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    Default PROBLEM SOLVED - GE washer motor overheats and smokes

    I loosened the four nuts that secure the motor to the frame, removed the belt from the pulley, isolating the motor and put the machine into spin cycle. When the spin cycle kicked the motor into high gear, it began to smoke. New GE motor on the way from eBay, $130 delivered

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    Keep us posted


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    New motor solved the problem

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    Thankx for the update

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    Default Petition for GE to recall smoking WCVH front load washsers

    Our GE washer also billows smoke during the spin cycle. And we're not alone! Check out our petition to get GE to recall this dangerous washer:


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