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Thread: mercury tower of power issue

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    Default mercury tower of power issue

    Does anyone know anything about them? I will give more info later if anyone here does, but for now it will not rev over 3000 rpm in the water or on a hose.
    What could it be? Going to see if I can find issue before I take it to the shop. I have DMM and DVA to do testing with.

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    Some of the Mercs have a sensor to limit RPM if they overheat. Sensor could be bad.

    You can get good info from this site Iboats.com. Put in you year and model.

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    There is adjustment screws where the control cables connect to the motor. This often gets out of adjustment. To test remove cowling, start under a water hose bib and manually pull up or down the throttle linkage on the carb. If the engine goes above what you have experienced you need to look at the adjustment to your remote control linkage.


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    Its in guardian mode.

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