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Thread: Frozen Toilet Pipes

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    Default Frozen Toilet Pipes

    Please help!

    One of our toilets froze up last night. It won't flush. What is a safe way to thaw it out? Can I put warm water in the toilet bowl? I think that hot water might crack the bowl.
    Actually we got them unfrozen once (and we checked the water meter. It didn't look like we had a leak - but we're really concerned now.) We had below 0 again last night! Frozen again!! We're having very unusual weather here in Arkansas! Our homes probably just aren't made for this. We are in our 70's and we can't crawl under the house.
    Thanking you in advance!

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    If the toilet itself is frozen then hot water should be fine thawing it out. If the pipes are frozen then heat needs to be applied.

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