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    Default noisy trane heat pump

    I have a trane xe 1200 heat pump that started making a fairly loud pretty rapid popping sound this morning. It sounds a bit like firecrackers going off. It is too loud to be a cover rattle and doesnít really sound like a knock like perhaps from the compressor. There was a bit of ice build up around the bottom so I poured hot water on it to melt it away. When I restarted the unit it was normal for about 1 minute and then started the sound again. I have repeated this now a couple of times and it runs fine, no sound, for maybe 1-2 minutes then it starts again. I have let it run for as long as five minutes but there is no change. Iím afraid to run it any longer. I have taken off one of the side covers and canít really isolate where in the unit the sound is coming from but if I had to guess it seems like the bottom back right side as you face the unit. Below is a link to a short video I made that has the noise on it pretty clearly. Anyone have any ideas?


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    Thanks for the video.

    Sounds a bit plasticly and not muffled. I'd check your fan to make sure it's free (no ice inside). Could be a bearing going. Put your hand right on the top middle of the unit and see if you can feel the clicks there.

    Unfortunatly the other noise maker could be your compressor. (big bucks unless theres a warranty still floating around but it looks older so doubt it).

    As always, pull your outside disconnect before messing with the unit, it is energized with the heat off and there is often a heater inside that runs. You can unplug the power to the fan (mark wires first) to see if the noise goes away. Do not do this more then enough to listen for the noise and dont forget to hook it back up when done.

    If it's the compressor, it may be time to evaluate your whole system for a possible upgrade.

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    To me it sounds like the electrical connections popping. Perhaps a bad connection that is arcing.
    Also could the fan beating on something.

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    Sounds like a broken valve rod. Not a good sound. That sound usually means I get to eat for a few days.
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    I have a tech coming out on Monday am. Thanks for the input at least I have some ideas to compare to what he comes up with.

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    Hi 55Chevy210

    I have the same noises from my Trane heat pump after the sandy storm.
    What was the outcome of your repair from the technician.

    Please advise.

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    Liquid flows into the pump as the cavity on the suction side expands and the liquid flows out of the discharge as the cavity collapses. The volume is constant through each cycle of operation.Positive displacement pumps, unlike centrifugal or roto-dynamic pumps, theoretically can produce the same flow at a given speed no matter what the discharge pressure. Thanks.

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