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Thread: Honda HS80 TAS Belt Replacement

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    Default Honda HS80 TAS Belt Replacement

    I have a Honda snowblower HS80 TAS that I needed to change the Auger belt (after 26 years). You have to seperate the whole Auger assembley from the main body of the snowblower (10, 12mm bolts) to change the belt which is a real pain. Problem is when trying to get it back together, it was very difficult to get it to slip back into place. I finally got it back together and buttoned it back up but notice the thrower would not spin (part that actually thows the snow). I found that I somehow bent the Auger pully (a $50 part) when putting it back together. There must be an exact process to reassemble this without damaging the Auger pully...If anyone knows how to do this or can point me to a website, I would greatly appreciate it. The new Auger pulley in on order so while I'm waiting for that to come in I would appreciate any help/advice....Thanks!

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I checked the on line service manual for dealers and I would HIGHLY recommend taking it to a dealer or get the factory service manual. The reason for my suggestion is that there are many adjustments necessary after changing the belt. Not only is there the pully adjustment for the belt, but the blower assembly is removed and replaced to access the drive belt. That too requires adjustments. I do not normally work on snowblowers or power carriers where I am employed, but I would not touch one without a factory service manual. I am guessing the reason you bent the pully to the auger is the method you used to separate the auger from the main body. Again, my guess. This is a very complex piece of equipment. This is not your garden variety murry or mtd.

    I am sorry i cannot post service manual data as it falls under copywrite law.

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    Thanks Wannabe. While waiting for the new part to come in I figured out the problem. When engaging the auger, the auger brake moves away from the auger pulley. If the auger is not engaged the brake arm is in the way and prevents the pulley from sliding into place...which explains why I had such a hard time trying to get it back in place. Did a dry run with the bent one and sure enough, it slipped right back into place with ease.

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    Glad you were able to figure it out, since I have never worked on a snow blower. I have only worked on power carriers.

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    I should responded, I have worked on too many, but never a Honda so I was'nt certain. I hate winter but love the money.

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