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    The wiring to the thermostats in my house 14/3. The white wire is connected to the transformer load screw. The red is attached to one zone valve and the black to the other. The 14/3 wire runs to the thermostat on the first floor then from there to the second floor thermostat. My problem is this: the wire running to the second thermostat was cut. Since there is no slack in the wire I am faced with either using 2 j-boxes to reconnect the wire or trying to run new wire which will be difficult. Could I reconnect the wires with tape and not use j-boxes since this is low voltage? Also, could I replace the 14 gauge wire running from the 1st thermostat to the second with low voltage wire and leave the 14/3 in place from the boiler to the first thermostat?

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    14-3??? Holy cow!!! That's huge wire for a low voltage thermostat. I'm somewhat surprised that you managed to get that wire around the screws on the zone valve and the thermostat. Since this is wiring less than 50 volts, then you can splice it however you like. Normally, thermostats and zone valves are connected with 18 gauge "thermostat wire".
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    Thanks MD. Now you have me a little worried that this setup is atypical. I had always assumed that the wiring was originally in place for a 120v line and that they must have converted over to low voltage at some point in time. How can I be sure the line is low voltage?

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