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Thread: Replacing sewer line under house

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    I need to r&r my sewer line under the house. It is some old non-clay like pipe that is in sections. This stuff is brittle and falling apart. I had connected to city sewer several years ago with pvc. Pvc runs up to the house, where it makes a 45 degree turn, followed by a pvc T which is used for the clean out stub up and the old pipe connects just past it. The pipe runs in about a 45 degree angle under the house, about 30 to 32 inches below grade.

    I have what looks like a 2 inch water line (iron pipe from the rusty look of it) running parallel with the footer about 6 inches away from the footer. It runs about 3 to 4 feet, then goes under the footer, then up out of the ground. It is about 14 inches below grade.

    I don't want to dig up this old line. It would be a big pain as it goes about 17 - 18 feet under the house. What I would like to do is stub the line up as close to the foundation wall as I can under the house and hang pipe. What i was thinkin was to place a 4 inch stub connected to a 90 elbow to get it under the foundation, then use two 45's or one 90 sweep to turn it towards the clean out. Once I get it around to connecting the new line, I'll remove the cleant out T and connect there (with some type of clean out).

    Here is a drawing (top view)

    Does this look OK to do?


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    Saw your post on the sewer line but can't help with the correct way to lay it out. Sounds like you got your work cut out.. and with turkey day coming up on top of that!
    Sorry you're so far away; would have come over and helped with the digging for a bunch of cold Buds!!
    Good luck and don't forget to wash your hands.. LOL

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    Sounds like a plan. Don't see any problems. Just be sure to use sweeps to avoid building up and causing a plug at the bends if possible. Remember the clean out.

    Good Luck


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    Well, I used two 45's to make the turn out from under the foundation. Under the house, I bought a long 90. I might see if I can get a sweep tomorrow. This will turn up. I had two water lines after digging. The new drain pipe lays about 4 foot below grade from its highest point (where it comes out from under the foundation). I would have taken a picture of it, but it is now underwater. About 3 pm, it started raining. It poured for and hour or so.And my nice trenchthat I dug to lay all this new pipe in is full of water now. I was out there after the heavy rain quit digging a trench so that the reast of the water could drain off some. I'm sure I'll have a foot or so of water to deal with in the morning. And to top it all off, The actual water line is a 3/4 and is exposed for abour 6 feet. It is supposed to get down to 24 tomorrow night. SNAFU.

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    Worst case to prevent freezing, leave the water running slightly in the house. Running water is not going to freeze unless you get sub zero for extended time. Plus, since you are digging OK, the frost has not taken hold in ground yet. You can also keep the trench flooded with moving water to 'insulate' the pipe from freezing until you can complete the fix.
    Good luck!

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    I notice the plumbers and excavators in my area spread a few bales of straw over water lines when they need them exposed over a freezing night. Straw may or may not be readily available in your area.
    "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool"

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    Just to let you all know, I got the wet part of my sewer line done and it all drains nicely. I only have one leak too. And it is at the farthest point under the house! I've noticed that on smaller pipe sizes, like 2 inch and smaller, the pipe wants to push out of the fitting when glueing it up. This is why that one fitting leaks, i guess. Which is fine. I'm going to move the bathroom sink over and run the supply and drain in the wall, instead of up through the floor.

    I had bought a reciprecating saw when I was doing my roof. I really loved having that thing under the house with me. If I have to suggest anything to someone who is going to redo their plumbing, it will be the first I tell them to get. I cut old drain pipe, old glav. iron pipe, pvc. It saved me a lot of cussing.
    Thank for the help

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