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Thread: Auxilllary commercial garage door station wiring help needed

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    Default Auxilllary commercial garage door station wiring help needed

    In a nutshell, we want to add a second push button station for a garage door at work. Right now we have a standard PBS-3 (Open-Close-Stop) station inside. What we want to do is add an additional identical station outside. We have the new station and have attempted to wire it in.

    Basically, we can get the door to open and close with either station, however we can't get the door to stop when we attempt to push either of the STOP buttons. The door just goes full up or down, then stops. We've tried several different wiring combinations, but still no-go. We need/want to have the capability to stop the door mid-travel if necessary, which is how it works right now with just the one existing station.

    So the question for any electrical experts is, can you help us connect the dots here. First of all, is it even possible to have multiple stations like we want? If so, can you look at the attached diagram and help me figure out how to wire in the remote station in such a way that both stations have full OPEN-CLOSE-STOP capabilities. If more information is needed, please let me know. Lastly, this is a low-voltage system using 18g wire.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe the stop button is normally closed. You need to wire the stop buttons in series and the open/close buttons in parallel. Click for larger image.

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    Thanks Joed, I appreciate your help, and for adding to my diagram. I'll take this to work tomorrow and give it a try. I don't think we tried this variation yet.

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