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Thread: Honda EM3500S generator won't start

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    Default Honda EM3500S generator won't start

    My generator won't start so I've done the following which has not helped. I replaced the plug, changed the oil making sure it's full, drained and replaced the fuel including draining the carb bow. I pulled plug and made sure it has spark and then sprayed some starter fluid, then tired gas but still wont start. Seemed to fire a few times but did not start. put finger over plug hole and seems to have compression. Could spark be too weak or not sparking under compression. any ideas

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    check the valve clearance.

    intake clearance is 0.006 inches

    exhaust clearance is 0.008 inches

    if you use metric gages,

    it is .15mm intake and .20mm exhaust.

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    Default Honda EM3500 valve

    Thanks for your response as you put me on the right track. When I removed the valve cover I discovered one of the bolts holding the rocker arm was broken so I will order a new one from Honda. Can you please tell me exactly how to adjust the valves once I replace the rocker arm.

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