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Thread: Connecting DPST Rocker Switch to Shop Vac

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    Default Connecting DPST Rocker Switch to Shop Vac

    Not sure if this should have been posted under "Appliances"...

    I have a ShopVac and am replacing the rocker switch. Unfortunately, I did not note the wire connections when removing the old switch.

    New switch illustrates:
    OFF ON
    1B| 2B\
    1A| 2A\

    I have a white and a black wire from the power cord and two reds coming off the motor (and the obvious green ground, aware of proper placement).

    Can anyone direct the proper hookup for the two (motor) red wires and the one white and one black (power cord) as per the above diagram?

    It is a DPST switch, therefore able to isolate both the live and neutral...

    Thank you!

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    Normally terminal 1 is the first pole, terminal 2 is the 2nd pole.
    look for a diagram on the side of the switch. something like this..

    1A ---/ --- 1B
    2A ---/ --- 2B

    If that is the case then black to 1A, white to 2A.
    Reds to 1B and 2B.

    You can also verify the switch operation with a multimeter if you have one, set it to continuity or resistance mode.

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    I tried to render the diagram in my post, but here it is attached, as per schematic. In this case, I am thinking that the two red go on 1a and b, the black on 2a and white on 2b....?
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    You are correct.

    Do not hook it up the way I originaly described, you will trip your breaker and maybe damage the switch if you hooked it up that way.

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    Thank you very much! I will hook it up today. Your initial reply helped me figure it out once I looked at the rendering for this switch, i.e. poles, etc....

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    Success! Thank you very much!!!

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    Going a step further, can anyone tell me which wires go to the motor itself ? I followed the prior mentioned step but when plugged to the outlet, I blew the circuit breaker. I might be wrong, but I may have hooked up the ground wire to a live circuit, but not sure.

    Thanks for any help !

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    DJY, I had the two red coming off the motor and the white and black, from the power cord. Make sure that small green ground wire is properly connected on the motor. There should be a small tab to clamp it on to.

    I hooked up as follows: two red (from motor) go on the switch's 1a and b, and the power cord's black on 2a and white on 2b.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. The problem I have is that the wires at the motor were disconnected.

    Looking at the motor with the switch assembly on the front side, there are 3 connections, 2 on the left, one on the right side.

    Do you know which one is the ground connector ( green wire ) ? Once I know that, I assume the two remaining connections are for the red wires coming of the switch itself.

    Thanks again !!!

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    What model Shop Vac are you working on?
    Are you replacing the switch? If so, is it a DPST switch that has four connectors on it?

    Yes, green wire is your ground.

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