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Thread: Wiring diagram on deep well single stage pump 115/230v

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    Default Wiring diagram on deep well single stage pump 115/230v

    I am installing a 1 hp single phase deep well pump for a sprinkler system. It requires 115/230 volts. I wired it with a 12-2 wire using a double pole 20 amp breaker using the white nuetrel wire as a hot and just grounding it with a the bare copper wire. I went to start it and thats all it does is hum and it became really warm in a short amount of time (seconds). There are two screws right when the wire comes into the pump that according to the diagram on the pump states that the black (hot) wire goes on one and the white (neutral) wire goes on the other. My question is why are they stating that the white wire is neutral, shouldn't it be "hot". Do I have to run a bigger wire and run it as a 40 or 50 amp single pole breaker, utilizing the white wire as a neutral and having just one hot wire. If that is not the answer just wondering if anyone out there can help figure out why this pump is not running. Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated. THANKS, Twoslow

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    A motor stamped 115/230V is convertible between voltages. Usually, there is a connector or switch to rotate in the motor to set the voltage. This motor may be defaulted to 120V, so you'd have a hot and neutral. At 240V, you'll have two hots and no neutral. The semantics doesn't matter. What you need to know is where do you put the two wires for 120V -vs- 240V, and is there any jumper or thing to rotate to set the voltage.

    At 240V, you could probably run this just fine from a 15A double pole breaker. At 120V, you may need a single pole 20A breaker. What are the nameplate amps?
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