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    I'm doing my pre-paint prep for the exterior siding (belt sanding the boards). I'm wondering what to do with nails pushing back out of the siding. Some stick out enough to break the paint suface, other stick out 1/4 to 1/2 ". This house is 60 + years old. And nails have always been a problem. I was thinking about using Sherman Williams Duration paint. This stuff is near $40.00 a gallon. But, it is self priming. (I'm going to check on this). I would hate to put on good paint only for the nails to pop through it in a year or two. I was thinking about replacing the nails with gal. wall screws. What do you think about this?
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    I suggest you pound the nails back in as it was then paint over them. The paint helps to hold the nail for a while. Problem is if you install screws etc this old siding is brittle and still contracts and expands as well as moves as you house moves. If you install new fastenings you invite splitting the sideing boards. Better to pound them back in and paint letting the paint seal the holes. What is moving your nails out is what was described above. Today if you installed new siding you would use ring type siding nails but not nail tight to the siding allowing movement to avoid even splitting the new siding.

    Whle your idea of a solid new fastening sounds like the right thing to do you are actually causing harm not good. Instead of the nails popping out being a minor irritation needing now and then to be pounded back in same hole same nail then touching up paint you will instead be replacing split and damaged siding.

    One option that can help is a tube of caulking with a needle hole. PUll the loose nail out and fill that nail hole with silicone caulking then while the caulking is still wet reinstall that same nail. The rubber consistency of the caluking will allow some movement preventing excess stress on the old siding but will help hold the nail from popping out so much. Some times this works as a permenant repair stopping the nail from popping. Just don't nail it too tight to the siding allowing some give to avoid splitting that board when the house moves or expands.

    HOpe this helps


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    Noel... don't know diddley about nails popping. Just thought I'd chime in with a safety note. Hope you're wearing some sort of mask for all that belt sanding? A house of your vintage surely has lead paint on it. Outside or not, you're breathing that crap in. I'd hate to see a guy cause himself any health troubles just trying to make his house nice.
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