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Thread: Is our AC working properly now?

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    Default Is our AC working properly now?

    Recently, our AC stopped working properly. It was blew the air but no cooling. Technician found that coil was leaking. The coil was replaced and AC is working now but it is not working as it use to be before. Cool air is coming but intensity is less than it was previously. Also, temperature in the house is never reaching the temperature that was setup in the thermostat. As a result, AC is constantly working without stopping. For example, if temperature in the room originally was 78 degree but thermostat was setup for 72, the temperature in the room drops the most to 74 degree. It never reaching 72 and, as result, AC never stops. After technician completed the installation of a new coil, he told us that he also installed some valve that will reduce intensity of air while temperature is close to temperature in thermostat. He explained us that this is more energy efficient. However, if AC is working 24/7 without stopping, it will take more electricity and potential life AC will be shorter. Is our AC working properly now?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I would say it is not working properly.
    Call the tech back. He should fix it under warranty if he warranty's his work.
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    Thank you for response.

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