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Thread: Fine silt and dirt in sump pit

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    Default Fine silt and dirt in sump pit

    I'm noticing recently in the last few months that I'm finding it necessary to remove silt, dirt and some stone sized clay fragments from my sump pit. The house is just under 5 years old and I'm hoping that this is just the material that got into the drain tile during construction is just finally making it's way to the pit. Other than that, I have no idea where it is coming from.

    There has been no work around the yard that would cause damage to any drain lines since the sprinkler system and patio were put in years ago.

    Anyone know whats going on?


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    Often times the pump will often disrupt the botom of the pit and "stir the pot" so to speak. Couple of options:

    Clean the bottom of the pit and drop in some 1" clean rock and place pump on top of that.

    Get a small patio block and place the pump on that. This will keep the pump from stirring the bottom of the pit, and also you'll be able to tell if the particulate is actually coming from elsewhere.
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    I would go with what Fischer suggested then wait and see if more debris appears. Once you clean out the sump pit and have a solid bottom to the pit wait for some heavier rains and see if more silt and clay come into the pump over a peroid of time. It may have just been debris that got into the drain line when originally installed. If you find a sink hole along the outside of the house then you may have a break in the perimeter drain. I am guessing debris from original installation finally getting to the end of the perimeter drain entering the sump pit. Time will tell.


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    Thanks, guys. I was hoping it is just construction debris finally making it way, but now that I think about it, I replaced my water pressure backup pump with a new Liberty one along with a steel braided hose to the water line. There is a noticeable vibration now when the main pump cycles that I haven't been able to 'calm' yet. The silt and debris wasn't an issue before the vibration, so the 'stirring the pot' idea seems very likely.

    So lifting the pump off the bottom seems like the thing to do.


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