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    Post Concrete Forms

    Does anyone know if it is oaky to abandon and leave plywood forms for concrete in the ground? Waterproofing the concrete is not an issue. I know they will rot, but that does not matter to me.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    YOu are leaving untreated wood underground as a great dinner table for termites that then explores into your house for dessert. Not a good idea.

    Hope this helps


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    How about Sonatube's. Aren't these made to be left in the ground after a concrete pour?

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    Sonotubes (not Sonatubes) are made for above ground use. Use Builders Tubes (trade name) instead as they are designed for burial and are less expensive. They are not termite proof but are less attractive to them. Try this TN for info on them 1-888-875-8754.
    If you are not worried about water or rotting forms and you have solid packed soil, why not pour without a form and line the trench with Visquine (plastic sheathing). What is your application?
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    Must be brand name spelling their own ideas. The products I worked with for years had the spelling saun tube. Go figure.

    The saun tube is normally cardboard type material. That part underground is normally left removing the material of that form at finished grade to the wood framing thus creating a break same as any other minimum distance concerning termite control. The form removed between earth and the wood would create the same termite break as any other cement or block foundation. Then leaving the form below ground in the hole is less of any concern.

    Just my opinion


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