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Thread: Furnace Draft Inducer Blower Motor Starts and Stops

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    Default Furnace Draft Inducer Blower Motor Starts and Stops

    On a Goodman gas furnace model GMP100-3 the draft inducer blower starts and stops several times before the furnace will start. The problem has existed for several weeks now and is getting worse. At first the inducer motor would start and stop two or three times before getting ignition, now it can take 15 or twenty attempts.

    The inducer blower motor was replaced about 3 years ago. The current inducer blower motor part number is J238-112-11128SP. Manufactured by Jakel Inc.

    Thanks for your consideration.
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    Could be one of a few things:

    -Blocked exhaust.
    -Failing inducer motor (not likely in your case but still very possible). Just because the motor is spinning doesnt mean that it is spinning at the correct speed, or reached it's target speed in the specified time frame.
    -Failing inducer / exhaust safety system. (check the vacuum switch for a state change as the motor spins up).
    -Another system within the furnace not going ready. Check your schematic to see what other switches / sensors need to be satisfied in order for the burner to get the signal to light. (pilot flame sensor, temp/limit switches, rollout switch, ect....)

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    Buddy of mine has this same issue.


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