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Thread: Venting range hood into chimney

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    Default Venting range hood into chimney

    Good afternoon,

    I have a townhome that has a non-venting range hood, I want to vent this thing so that I can expel odor, grease and moisture from cooking outside. However in the shortest route to the exterior wall, there is a chimney in the way. Can I vent my range hood to the chimney flue without a problem?

    My concerns are:
    1. Downward draft causing the odors and grease to travel downward toward the fireplace, but I'm not sure if this is a possibility or not.
    2. Having the chimney flue outlined in grease and getting a spark that can cause chimney fire...however fireplace is in the basement, kitchen is in the 1st floor. Could a spark be alive through over 7 feet of travel in the chimney flue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Absolutely without a doubt the answer is NO. You cannot cut into a chimney flue and you most certainly cannot do it with an over the range hood.
    The risks you face are not just fire although that is a huge risk but gasses not being expelled from the fireplace correctly.
    + sparks can travel for hundreds of feet.

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    Default RE:Venting range hood into chimney

    I have a similar question, but my chimney is no longer in use. It is an older house, and this chimney was likely used for coal burning to heat the house. It extends down intothe basement and has no hearth or opening.

    Would you still advise against ducting an exhaust hood into it? Thanks for your input.

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    Yep, I sure would advise against it, the problem really comes when you sell the property, say the new owner wants to revamp that fireplace to be a wood burning one, the new owner hasn't a clue that you ducted an exhaust into the chimney. These sorts of things are not just to protect you they are there to help protect the next owners and then the next..etc...etc...
    Now having said that, I saw a job site here that did just that, vented an exhaust into a chimney and was passed by the inspector , the deal was though the fireplace had to be permanently sealed shut and the exhaust line had to have it's own flue inside the chimney all the way to the top.

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    I agree with Pushkins. To help back his advice try some selfhelp proving to yourself. Seeing is believing. Go to your favorite resteraunt and check out their exhaust hood outlet. Look to see the build up of grease all around the outlet of their commercial vent hood. Also look on the ground for a catch basin for the grease or see a big circle of grease piled up. Now picture this being done in your personal home, while on a smaller degree the grease build up at the outlet into the air is much less. If you try outletting into the chimney that chimney will be greased soaked in less than a year even in a single family dwelling. The grease is too heavy to reach the outside air before it cakes on the inside of the chimney. This grease is not only an invite to bacteria but also a huge fire hazard if it catches fire.


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    Thanks for all your recommendations. Decided to go around the chimney, added an extra 90 degree elbow and some distance to the ductwork, but I think at the end it was worth it.

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    Default Fireplace vent

    hi, i have related issue...i want to vent out my gas fireplace in the basement and to do that, im planning to use a 90 degree elbow right above the fireplace so i'll be able to run a 3 feet duct horizontally, then another 90 degree elbow so i can attached 2 feet duct vertically then another 90 degree elbow that will be attached to the wall opening, is this allowed legally?

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    Default an additional question

    I have a similar situtation where the stove is on an interior wall. The chimney is directly behind it.
    Since I am having the chimney Linned with a stainless steel vent for the furnace and hot water heater could I run a second ss liner just for the range hood through the now non functioning chimney? there will be a cap now on top of the chimney. if this is allowd should I put in a damper for any back draft?

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