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    Hi I have the basement watchdog battery backup. The beeper continues to go off and when I check the "pump" light is on. The water level has not been anywhere near high enough to set the float switch to on, so I don't know what to do to figure out why this keeps happening.

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    Check your manual (or get one here: http://www.basementwatchdog.com/sump_pump_manuals.htm)

    Chances are it is sensing a problem with your pump. I believe these units monitor the load the pump puts on the device. If it sees extra current draw it means the pump is straining, or if it doesnt see a pump turn on it may trigger it too. I'm guessing its something like this.

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    Default Basement Watchdog

    Will do thanks.

    I had to replace the battery and went with a deep cycle marine battery that was not from the Basement Watchdog company. They wanted way to much for a replacement battery. Do you think that has anything to do with it?

    I compared voltage/amperage etc when I got the replacement.


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    the replacement battery you got, did you put the battery lead into the battery? There should be a lead that was shoved into a cell on the other battery, this is so the unit can tell if the battery is low on water. If your new battery is not capable of using this probe, just attach it to the positive battery lead. It will show it 12v vs the 10v its used to seeing, but no harm will be done.

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