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Thread: Brinks Keypad Reprogram

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    Question Brinks Keypad Reprogram


    I recently purchased a foreclosure property with a Brinks Home Security system already installed in the house. Is there any way to reprogram the alarm keypad without knowing the master code?

    Please help.


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    Default Same question

    I just bought a new house with a pre-installed brinks system.
    I don't want to pay brinks the initial set up change and three year contract for monitoring it, but I would like to use the alarm to let me know if something happens down stairs while I am upstairs.
    Is there a way to reprogram brinks keypads without paying brinks?

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    Without the master or installer code...your system is toast.

    Even if you get the codes, Brink's has panels made to their specs and they will only dial into their service. I do not believe Brink's will ever give you any codes as that is how they make a living.

    Easiest solution.......try the following website and buy a new panel and keypads.

    The experts on that forum can help with programming the new system.

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    Sometimes you can find access codes in the main alarm box. If you just want the alarm to operate locally(will not dialup the security service), sometimes all you have to do is to disconnect the phone line. Some systems will sense this and try to call out/notify when this happens so you may have to change the program for this "feature".

    If you decide to go with another security service, sometimes they can reprogram it for you to be compatible with theirs but you need to ask to be sure.

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    todwin8> See if there is a "watch"mode where it will beep if a door or window opens, but doesnt go into full alarm.

    both> If you are looking to get a insurance discount, sometimes a unmonitored system doesnt qualify for a discount. If you are looking to get that, check with your insurance company. I dont know what happens if they assume it's monitored and they later find out it's not. Just a fyi...
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    Good Info Mr. T!
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    Default Bhs

    Brinks systems are made for brinks only. You need a special programmer to program the system. You can only change the master code in programming. You can how ever call Brinks and for a small one time fee have them come out and program the system to your likings and have a local system. It is best to find a dealer. I use to install for one for a couple of years.

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