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Thread: float switch wiring

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    Default float switch wiring

    can someone tell me how to hook up a float switch. My pea brain can't figure it out.

    I got a 120v line from the box. Hot, Common & ground.

    3 wires from the pump same thing Black White & green

    Two wires from the Switch.

    wait...I think I just figured it out. I just need to have the float switch the common wire, right?

    Common comes from breaker, connects to one wire of the float switch. Other float wire goes to the white on the pump.

    Does that sound correct?

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    White to white.
    Green to green.
    Two blacks to the switch wires.

    Never switch the white.

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    black (power supply) to float switch wire,doesn't matter which one.

    the other switch wire go to black(hot) to pump
    you will be wiring the float switch between power from house to hot to pump

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    Make sure you tie the float down if it is a ball bearing switch. They tend to fail more often if they are left to float around in the tank.

    The other option is mercury switches which cost more but last much longer.


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