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Thread: How to install new line for dry-loop DSL?

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    Default How to install new line for dry-loop DSL?


    I have moved into a shared space. Rather than force my house mates to install filters on all their phones, I want to install a separate phone line so I can get dry-loop DSL from a local ISP. Though I'm comfortable with networking, anything that touches phone lines makes me nervous. I'd particularly like to avoid disrupting the pre-existing telephone service.

    I have taken a couple of photographs of the demarcation point where I live and posted them at:


    I purchased a length of 4-strand telephone wire (R,G,Y,B) and attached a modular plug to the end of it. If anyone can give me some pointers about how to attach my cable to the demarcation point I'd appreciate it, or for that matter how to deal with the phone company afterwards. I expect I'll need a circuit number from the phone company for that line in order to provide it to my ISP, but given that I'm still trying to figure it out myself it's hard to explain what I'd like to do when talking to a service representative over the phone.

    I can take any other photos that might be necessary, if that's a help.

    Thanks (in advance) for your time and attention!

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    First, I think you need better wire for DSL (cat 3 minimum, cat 5 porbably easier to find and then you can run ethernet in the house too). It looks like this building is setup for 3 separate phone lines (numbers). How many numbers are in use now? If you need a 4th, you'll need a bigger box on the outside of the wall which the phone company can provide (perhaps for free or for a fee).

    Phone lines are in pairs, so you would attach two wires (usually blue and white) to the two jacks for your line (just strip the ends and put them under the nuts). Can you easily run this cat3 cable from this outside NID to your inside location? If so, this shouldn't be too hard. A DSL filter can go outside or inside, but until you hit this you can't have voice. Connect your coice phone (if desired on this line) to the voice side of the filter, and your DSL modem to the data side of the filter.

    It looks like the leftmost NID in your picture may be unused (a pair of wires is on it, but they seem to disappear). It is missing the #10 wire for the surge suppressor ground though. The pair of terminals on the far right looks to be where most of your phone are now because of all the wires on those posts.
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    Posting the pictures was a great idea. You have two protectors, (aka Network Interface Devices). The one on the left is a single line, and the one on the right is a two line. This looks like a setup for an apartment building

    I can probably give you chapter and verse on what I'm looking at in these photos, but the bottom line is if you are going to pay for DSL from your local phone company, they should install another demarcation point. That means inside the building, right to a jack where you want it. Talk to them.



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