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    I am placing a new service entrance and a new 200 amp service panel. The grounding requirements, I understand, is two 8 ft grounding rods 6 feet apart (since I have no water pipe within 5 feet of the entrance). My question. Do I connect the two grounding rods together with a # 6 continous wire or should each grounding wire have its own #6 wire and both run into the service entrance and bonded to the 200 amp panel? thanks

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    You run one continous length of #6 copper from the ground bar in the panel and catch both ground rods. The wire will pass through the acorn clamp on the first rod without being broken.

    As for the water pipe, you may be confused. If the water pipe entering your home is metal of any sort, you have to run a #4 copper ground wire to it. The grounding connection must be made within the first five feet of the pipe where it enters the house. Your post sounded like you thought you only had to ground the water pipe if it was within five feet of the service entrance. This is not the case at all. If the pipe enters as metallic, you have to catch it with a ground wire within the first five feet.

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    Thanks, that clears up a lot of confusion about the water pipe issue.

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