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Thread: Convert Hard Wired 554 Wall Phone to Modular

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    Default Convert Hard Wired 554 Wall Phone to Modular

    I have a 1950s-ish 554 wall telephone. We can't get good reception on it any more because we are unable to add our (modular) DSL filter to the phone. So it's time for an upgrade.

    Can any one offer me any help on exactly how to remove the phone and convert it to a modular jack? I did find instructions on another web site on how to get the cover of the phone off, but that's where it ends. I have no idea of how to get the phone itself off, much less of what parts I need to convert it to what I assume is a hardwired phone to a modular jack. I also worry that somehow I may electrocute myself in the process - if that's even possible!

    Before I contact the phone company to do the change - and probably spend way to much money in the process, I thought I would seek out the help of this forum! Thanks in advance for any advice or information you might have.

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    see atdched photo for making your own dsl filer, also found at the following site

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    Phone voltage is normally low (under 50ish volts AC and DC), but when a phone rings it can kick out about 70 volts. You can get poked while working with the wires but its not dangerous like working 120V. Just work carefully and dont rush through it. If you have a newer network interface box on the side of your house. You can open it and unplug the wire in there and it will disconnect all phones in your house. Since you have a older phone, you may not have one of these.

    Most newer phones release by pushing up on them, then pulling forward. On older phones there is sometimes a release button somewhere you have to push while lifing. If not, take a pic of the phone with the cover off for us. If you cant find the wiring block or connections but can get the phone off you can cut the cable after you pull the phone, just make sure you have enough to work with and it doesnt fall into the wall.

    WHen you remove that phone you will see 2 to 4 wires. The only ones you need are the red and green. Tape off the others just in case they are still live. Connect red to red and green to green on your new jack and you are done. Test the new phone by making and then receiving a call.. if all works then you are good to go, If it doesnt work or you didnt find a red and green wire, you will need to trace through your house to find if someone got the wires crossed somewhere. It may be a good time to update the wiring too.
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