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Thread: HELP! craftsman garage door opener 41A4315-7D

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    Question HELP! craftsman garage door opener 41A4315-7D

    Help! I have a craftsman garage door opener 41A4315-7D.

    Both of my controlers as well as the wall unit worked just fine and I decided to install a keyless remote. I did have some trouble with the keyless programing. Just seems like the instructions did not work. In the end, it seemed like it was by accident that the codes actually connected and the keyless entry finally worked.

    So, next logical step is reprogram the other two remotes that came with the unit. Well, didn't work and couldn't figure it out so I gave up. We didn't use the garage anyway. But now we do and i am trying to program these remotes.

    I have pushed and held the remote button and quickly pushed the receiver code button. There is a little yellow light that comes on and stays lit for approximately 30-60 seconds, but never flashes. When it goes out, nothing happens. what does it take to program these little suckers?

    PS. the wall mounted direct opener still works and so does the keyless entry. I just want to get one of these to work so I can then try to program the wifes Rendezvous that has an internal opener system in it.

    any help is appreciated

    ~ Bismarck Jack

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    Might be able to help...

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    First make sure your keypad is compatible. I think most craftsman is chamberlin guts. There were a bunch of lawsuits with them and trying to keep their codes private to keep other people from making compatible controllers. Things may have changed so dont assume your keypad will work.

    Take your 2 existing remotes.. try to program just 1.. as you program you erase all stored programs.. So if the second one stops working, and the first one does work.. you did the procedure right.

    Its been forever since ive done it. Are you holding the button in long enough? Too long? What happens if you just push it? What happens if you push it after you push a remote button? Maybe you ahve to push it between controllers. Try pushing the remote button in longer. It may take a few seconds for it to pick up on the signal. Just a few things to try.

    Once you figure how to do it correctly, go about trying to add other devices. 3 should add no problem, I dont know the max you can add though.

    See if you can find a opener manual online. I'm sure sears will be more then glad to SELL you one....
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    Red face

    i was on the garden web thing once, but didn't see this many posts. I am going through them now.

    I have a Keypad and it does work. I installed it about 8 months ago. It was when i installed the keypad that the remotes quit.

    i of course had to clear all the programming which would have wiped out the two remotes naturally. Then i programmed the keypad. worked like a champ.

    but when i tried to reprogram the two hand held remotes, it wouldnt work.

    here i am 8 months later and attempting again.

    hopefully i will find something out soon.

    ~ Bismarck Jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bismarck Jack View Post
    i was on the garden web thing once, but didn't see this many posts. I am going through them now.
    Seemed to have some good info, hope something helps

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    Well, after an hour of searching through old threads, i came up with a couple of conclusions.

    1. the freq cycle time of the new keyless entry might not gel with the other remotes, meaning that they can't be used at the same time.

    2. It may be as simple as the order in which these things are programed

    3. it may be the logic board. (i dont think this is the answer because everything else works.

    What will i attempt. Well, I am down to clearing all the codes and trying to re program in a different order, (ie one hand held remote, then the homekey or whatever the little buttons built into the wifes car are called and then the keyless entry. If i can get those to work, then i will try the last hand held remote.) Apparently this might work.

    The wife is nervous that if i clear the codes, that the keyless wont work anymore and she wants that for our son in case he forgets his key and needs in. Maybe i will wait till spring. seems silly for her to have to get out of her car, punch in the code, drive into the garage and then shut it via the wall mounted control, but whatever floats the boat. saves me some frustration in the mean time.

    ~ Bismarck Jack

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    Default Found Manual for Craftsman 41A4315-7D

    The manual you need is here:


    I have the same model and scoured the internet for this. I haven't used it yet, just found it and saw your post amongst my search, so I thought I'd share it with you.

    Good luck!

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