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Thread: GE Refrigerator water build-up below crispers

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    Default GE Refrigerator water build-up below crispers

    My 1991 GE (I believe Camco?) refrigerator, model # TBC19ZPJ, continues to have water collect at the bottom, just beneath the crispers. It eventually spills onto the floor if not sponged regularly. The water seems to be coming from the internal temperature/setting controls. All else works well with the fridge, temperature is cool, freezer cold and no other moisture build-up. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Moisture build up comes from bad seals around the door. With good seals, the humidity in the frige will drop fast and you won't have that problem. But with a bad seal anywhere on the door, humidity will keep entering the frige just because higher humidity is drawn into lower humidity. Where it will condensate will usually be the coolest part of the refrigerator. Another tale - tale sign is to run your hands around the seal of the door. Where it is entering will always have some type of moisture build up on it.

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    Default Drain Tube

    Gorg___Water in the bottom can also come from freezer drain tub that is usually located top center of fridg. under freezer. If there is ice in the small plastic funnel tray you can use hair dryer to defrost it (use only dryer with ground fault) that should last for the next 6 months/year. The tube that goes down the back of fridg. goes in drain pan in bottom near the compressor. If you think the hose is stopped up don’t use a lot of air pressure. MAX........

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