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Thread: 220V - 50Amp GFCI Breaker

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    2 Questions: #1- I recently purchased a heat pump to heat my inground pool. The pump requires a 220V 50Amp power supply. I have run that source from my main panel to a disconnect that contains a 50Amp GFCI Breaker in it. This is commonly used for Jacuzzi's. My question is did I need to a neutral feed along with my 2 hots and ground in order for the GFCI Breaker in the disconnect to work properly? The unit I am wiring does not need the neutral so I did not run it. Now I am wondering if I should have for the GFCI Breaker???
    #2 - I need to bond this new piece of equipment and was going to bond onto the bonding lug of existing pool pump. This already has 1 piece of #10 solid copper wire in it from the frame of the pool. My plan was to put another #10 solid copper wire in the lug and then the other end in the bonding lug of the heat pump. Is this be a sufficient and safe bond?
    Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

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    #1 No yo do not need a neutral for the double GFCI to work properly.

    #2 not sure. I let some one else answer this one.

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    anything within 5' of that pool must have the bonding grid. You need only #8 bare which is what you may have there now(appears larg). This is seperate from all current carrying wires of pool and grounded conductor. You should be OK. Do you have a insulated green leading to pump, this is required. NOT just covered as in UF cable? Hang in for WG final say in this as pools are a very touchy subject with codes. Check out pool Y & G box atop for pool wiring.( I was unable to open maybr you'll have better luck).

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    Yes I ran all strander #6 wire from the panel. 1-Red, 1-Black, & 1-Green in pipe buried 12"-18" (where I could). This goes to directly to the 50 Amp GFCI Breaker disconnect near the heat pump. The Heat pump itself is about 10' from the pool.

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    To get to the articles on swimming pools click on "Electrical USA 2002 Code" and then "Accessory Structures." Swimming pool articles are listed there. the yellow and green shortcut doesn't seem to be working right now.


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