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Thread: How do I disconnect an alarm system

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    Default How do I disconnect an alarm system

    I just moved into a new home and a DSC alarm system was already installed. I need to diconnect it or take it off completelly. Can anybody help please?

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    A lot of these systems are difficult to disconnect because they have so many safety features. Some will notify the monitoring place if telephone lines, main power or battery power are disconnected. The surefire way is to have the alarm company do it -- decommission it.

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    What is the nature of the problem, is it going off, and you can't disalarm it ? If it is a brand new home, the builder may be able to give you some info on it, it is a resale home, I would asume the monitoring contract was cancelled before they moved.


    Without knowing the exact model of your system I can't attempt to get the exact info on it, but the link above may get you the manual on your perticular system.

    As long as the syetm is disarmed, leaving it as it is shouldn't really cause any inconvience as it is only a keypad on the wall, may even be a deterant to thiefs if they think you have a security system installed even if you aren't using it.

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    The system is powered by an AC transformer that converts power to panel to 16 volts. Find the transformer and unplug it. In the alarm panel box you must also unplug one of the wires that go to the battery. The unit does not work without power and yoiu have disabled all power.

    If the alarm system is monitored by a monitoring company....call them first so they know you are disconnecting the alarm or you might just meet your local police department.

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