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Thread: F1 code on Frigidaire electric range

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    Default F1 code on Frigidaire electric range

    Model # FEF365BGWB about 10 years old. Awakened this morning to beeping and flashing F1 code on clock. From reading some other internet information sites, Frigidiare seems to have four different versions on F codes for their ranges. So question is , to save, time, effort and money, are there any causes for this code other than an EOC or a circuit board problem. Thanks in advance for any light that may be shed.

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    F1 most times is a something is wrong with electronic control or key panal for the control ( yours is has no key panal )...the odd time the oven temp sensor can give an F1 code. Usually check the wiring to and from the oven temp sensor and ohm the sensor, most ( not all ) are around 1000-1100 ohms.

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