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Thread: Location Of Ground Rods For 200amp

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    Default Location Of Ground Rods For 200amp

    Just installed a 200amp panel box, having concerns where se cable exits the house. Can the ground wire and se cable exit the house through the same hole? Water line and gas line are where I would like to put my ground rods. Is there any spec on how far away the ground rods can be? Also how many ground rods do I need for a 200 amp service, and how far apart from each other do they have to be, is it 6ft apart?

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    No required distance from home itself.
    (2) Rods are required.
    Rods(as said) must be min 6' spread.
    " " " must be 1" under earth surface upon completion.
    USE acorn style clamps when attaching wire to Rod.(no splices or cuts on ground wire) slip thru 1st acorn clamp. (sell atDIY center) 1/2 x 8' rod fine.
    #6 bare required to rods.
    #4bare required to water system within 5' of where entering house.
    You can use same hole for both.
    Havent used SE cable always liked conduit upon entry.
    My thoughts. GL
    (if you were asking how far rods from poss the piping of gas and water, No restriction there.)
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    Default location of grounds rods

    Thank you for your help.

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    And... I thought I should add... be pretty sure that you're not going to drive the ground rod through any pipes. I use a gigantic rotary hammer to drive ground rods. I have (twice) driven ground rods right through sewer lines without even realizing it. Figured I'd give you the head's up, since you're in the vecinity of gas lines.

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