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Thread: Ariens 9.5 snowblower with B&S engine - frozen!

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    Default Ariens 9.5 snowblower with B&S engine - frozen!

    Used the blower yesterday and it worked well. Started it up today and it ran for about 15 seconds - then shut down. I presumed I had bumped something so I hit the starter again and nothing - rather just the sound that tells you something is frozen.

    Checked the oil and it was about gone. Later I discovered I had been leaking oil the day before.

    I refilled the oil, hoping after awhile it might be able to turn over, but after an hour or so it was still the same.

    Is there anything I can do or is it off to the dealer? It still has about two weeks of warrenty, presuming the period is for one year. However, the're probably going to claim user misuse.

    Guess what! 16 to 24 inches of snow predicted during the next two days.

    thanks, banag

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    You have melted down the insides of the engine. Piston, rings, connecting rod etc. Any or all of them are probably toast. You could try for warranty service but I would not be suprised if it was denied for lack oil.

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    Default Problem solved

    The warranty will handle the problem, so I just need to wait a few days.

    Thanks, banag

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