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  1. Ultrasonic Solution to Clean Door Hardware

    Doing front entry facelift. Was going to just replace 15 yr old tarnished (antique brass?) latch and deadbolt set but occurred to me that I might be able to clean it in my ultrasonic. Anyone know of...
  2. What Material to Use for a "Maintenance Free" Deck?

    After 10 years I am thoroughly disgusted with my Trex Deck deck, and am going to replace the (expensive) POS deck boards.

    Are there ANY materials that will be TRULY maintenance free? Or at least...
  3. Mansfield Model 160 Toilet Does Not Flush Properly

    I have a Mansfield 1994 Model 160 toilet that does not flush most of the time that someone leaves a dump in it. ( I say "leave" because I never have actually "taken" one.)

    I have plunged it...
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    Toilet Will Not Flush Consistently

    We have two toilets out of four in our 1970's home that do not want to flush consistently. Both toilets are roughly 10 years old. The toilets are on opposite sides of the house. They are in the main...
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