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July 14th, 2005, 01:26 PM
We bought a used Bayliner that has a Lowrance X-50 LCD fishfinder - no operator's manual. We want simple readings of depth, water temp, distance travelled etc. - our main need is depth.
Can anyone help with suggestions as to how to set it up?
Many thanks,
J. Morgan

July 14th, 2005, 04:26 PM
Excellent unit!! I use one on my boat. I will take you thru how to operate it later this evening. Like say 9:00 pm central. I am at work and when I get off I have to mow some yards for a couple of farmers (30 mile drive) who let me hunt and fish. My way of paying them back for the privilege of using their land. Be back later

July 14th, 2005, 11:36 PM
Ok, to set the unit up it is best to be on the water in 20' or so so you can see the bottom reading on the graph. Starting with the red numbers on the key board on the top row you will see 1 thru 3 then on down two more rows with upper limit on the bottom left and lower limit on the bottom right. Underneath that moving left to right is clear, 2nd and auto/light, then ON and OFF under those. To turn the unit on just touch on...to turn the unit off push off and hold it for one second and it will power down.
First thing to do is reset the unit. Turn the unit on, above the red 3 you will see in white letters the word "command". All lettered words that are in "white" are accessed by pushing the 2nd function key between clear and auto. then pushing the block with the white lettered word. So push 2nd then command. A menu appears listing several functions there are 3 or 4 pages to scroll thru. so push the command button to turn the pages on the menu. On the last page you will see the listed item 18 this is the reset to factory auto settings. Enter 18 with the red keys. The unit will then reset. You should be able to see a bottom reading and the screen should be moving right to left. The unit always powers up in the auto mode. You could actually leave it like this using the auto function if you like. Above ON you see the word auto in blue. To let the graph choose the settings just push auto if needed an example of this being if you are in the manual mode and want to go back to auto mode. Pushing auto is all you have to do to get the graph to read properly. If you want it to light up for night time push 2nd then light and the light will come on. To see your distance traveled push 2nd then dist. log(red 5). Same procedure for temp(red 1) if you want the temp to show degrees fahrenhiet push 2nd then f/c (red 2) it toggles between the two each time you push the keypad. If the unit is not diplaying in feet units then push 2nd then ft/fa/m (feet,fathoms or meters) it toggles between them each time you push it. Thats pretty much how you get around on the numbers keypad. One nice feature is to set the graph to read a realistic bottom depth. So if you dont want it to show bottom when your in100 feet of water or something do this....push or enter how ever you want to look at it lets say 50...with the red numbers...then just to the right of the red 0 you see "lower limit". push it. the graph will now only show bottom in 50 feet of water or less.
Ok everything above the keypad numbers are manual settings. To get in manual mode when in the auto mode just push auto and it toggles to the manual mode.You dont have to touch these if the unit is in the auto mode. Moving up the keypad you see a block of numbers called ZONE ALARM this simply tells the graph to give a audible alarm warning at depths you preset with the blue lettered words Blue word functions do no need the 2nd function key pushed first. Next is DIGITAL SONAR dont mess with this unless the graph pauses as it displays the picture across the screen if it pauses then the digital function has been accidently turned off..push it to turn the digital back on and the display should stop pausing. Next is CHART this is the speed at which the display moves across the screen. If you want it to go across slow then push slow...a bar graph will appear continue to push slow and the bar graph gets smaller then slower you want the display to appear. I like the speed set very closeto the fastest speed possible or a full bar graph. If something shows up on the graph display and you want to save that image then push 2nd store and the image will be saved. To view the image later just push2nd recall and that image will appear. Next is SENSITIVITY set this a little past midway. If the unit is showing what looks like all kinds of dark objects in the water in a band look across the screen then there is too much sensitivity and you need to decrease the bar graph. Underneath sensititvity you will see GRAY LINE this also is a bar graph it is simply a light gray band that widens as you increase the bar graph. It is mainly used by fishermen. Set it about midway. Remember if you choose "auto" then you dont have to mess with Sensitivity or gray line. The graph does every thing for you. You do have to set distance and temp and then it will always display when yu turn the unit on. Hope this gets you going

July 15th, 2005, 09:21 AM
Roger, thank you for the detailed reply. I expect it will be very helpful. We're from Orillia, Ontario and are leaving tomorrow for Georgian Bay (massive body of water in Lake Huron). We have charts and we're travelling on water we've been on many times before, but depending on conditions it's easy to get out of the channel - so we need to keep an eye on depth.
We'll let you know how we make out with the instructions.
Thanks, again.

July 15th, 2005, 11:59 PM
Hope your trip is a good one post back about your graph and how it worked. If I can find my operators manual.. HA HA..maybe I can send you a copy of it, let me look around why you are gone.....good luck.

I have done some editing to the above instructions for clarification might want to reread.

Speedy Petey
July 16th, 2005, 01:24 PM
Holy crap Roger! Tell me you wrote all that from memory??
I guess you know your stuff!

Here is the download page from Lowrance:
The X-50 manual is no longer in print and is not on this list. Possibly another model is close enough to help.

The correct manual is available to purchase on this page:
Manuals for purchase (http://www.lei-extras.com/store/search.asp?SearchType=Category&Category=Owner%27s+Manuals)

July 16th, 2005, 02:39 PM
Holy crap Roger! Tell me you wrote all that from memory??

Yes from memory...I have been using one for 8 years now.

I guess you know your stuff!

This is a true statement...;)

Speedy Petey
July 16th, 2005, 05:48 PM
Why did I bother with links?

Roger, just give J. Morgan your cell #. :D

July 16th, 2005, 10:11 PM
Actually I appreciate the link Speedy.....thanks.

Speedy Petey
July 16th, 2005, 10:56 PM
This is why I love the web. It is so easy in today's world.
Back when, if you needed an instruction manual for something it took several phone calls and two letters just to find out where to order a paid copy.

I just bought two things; a Cobra GMRS/FRS radio off Ebay (to go with the Garmin Rino GPS/radio I bought new), and a power analyzer from a web contact.
I went to the web site for both and downloaded the manuals in PDF. The manual for the power analyzer was over 75 pages long, but now I have a soft copy and a printed hard copy to keep with the unit. Same goes for the Cassiopeia PDA I got a few months ago.

I have manuals in PDF for many things I have gotten off Ebay or from yard sales, etc.