View Full Version : Boat is Fixed

June 29th, 2005, 03:02 PM
I would like to thank everyone for all the help this past month on fixing my motor, (1985 Evinrude 115 V4 VRO). After changing the plugs, plug wires, fuel lines, fuel pump, and even lower unit oil, it seems it was the hot wire from the VRO to a terminal board on the other side of the powerhead had a bad spot in it and was grounding out not letting #4 cylinder to fire. I found this when removing the wiring from the VRO when I changed to a regual fuel pump. Boat is running better than ever now. A big thank you to everyone for the help. One more thing though I would like to know what size prop I have and the size is not stamped on it anywhere like it should be. I have figured out the diameter but looking for help to determine the pitch. Any help would be appreciated. And thanks again.

July 2nd, 2005, 11:33 PM
Almost all props have the specs. stamped on the inner hub race or they will have the manufacturer's part number which a mechanic or prop repair shop will cross references to get the details about the prop. Are there any numbers or letters and numbers on the race of the hub? Post them and I can get you the pitch of the prop .....I hope.