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February 13th, 2007, 12:48 PM

we recently expanded an open room in our office building into 2 separate offices. there were 2 active lines on one wall, and what i am trying to do is transfer one of those lines to the new office. i have limited telephony experience, but figured i could handle this simple task. the existing lines were using cat 5 from the jack to the block. in the new offices, we dropped POTS (silver satin line). so i figured i could wire the new jacks in the new office, and connect the other end to the block where the existing pair was punched down. see images if this is all too confusing. for some reason i can't get the line to work. please excuse my ignorance, and feel free to ask me for more info if it will help you help me figure this out.

one image shows the cross connects, etc. another image shows a close up of the block where i'm trying to connect (click thumbnail to enlarge). the orange pair i removed was the extra line that i wanted to move to the new office, so i took that out and punched down the green/red from the POTS line that was dropped into the new office. the third image shows the keystone jack that i punched the POTS line into on the other end. what am i doing wrong?


Mr T
February 13th, 2007, 12:58 PM
What is your problem? No dial tone? Do you have anything at the phone? clicks, beeps, noise, ect?

First off the line cord you used to go from your block to the terminal jack cant be used on punchdown. You need solid wire of the proper gauge for a punchdown connector or the jack to grab. Standed will just reform around the connection and make it very flakey if it works at all. Start with replacing that wire with some cat 3 or 5. Look around there is often a partial spool sitting around with a block setup of that size.

Also on the 66 block, the blue/white wire next to where you punched.. where does that go? Does it go straight to your incoming line, or does it go into the phone swtich?

February 13th, 2007, 01:59 PM
mr. t -

i'm getting nothing at all, no dialtone, no clicks, etc.

so the stranded won't work? wonder why the contractors dropped that, they must have figured there was a way. is there anything i can do besides running some cat3 or cat5?

the blue/white wires cross connect to the block that connects to the main box (2x25 pair) and the voicemail system.

thanks so much for the response, let me know if you have any other questions.

Mr T
February 13th, 2007, 02:28 PM
You can use a jumper and mount a jack next to your block and run a long phone cord set over. The correct wire is a requirement of the punchdown system to work.

What kind of phone are you plugging in? Digital or Analog? Is the phone compatible with your switch? Do you have enough wires? Some digital phones take more then 2 wires to operate. DO NOT plug a phone in that you are nto sure is compatiable, you can fry your phone or damage your switch.

I believe reverse polarity on normal (POTS) phones will still give you some life when you plug it in, so it's probably not reverse polarity, but you need to check it.

Otherwise you need to trace or tone your wiring out. If you have access to a butt set (yes that is a actual item for those viewers who do not work with phone systems :reddy: :bootyshake: ) , connect it to your punch point and see if you got life there. You can also do the same with a phone jack and soem short jumpers. Punch it down at various points along your line and see what you have there.

February 13th, 2007, 02:44 PM
i'm plugging in the same phones we use throughout the office, nortel/norstar meridian m7208 phones. they only take 2 wires.

"You can use a jumper and mount a jack next to your block and run a long phone cord set over."

so this would mean putting a connector on the office end to plug directly into the phone instead of using a jack? how would i set up the jack at the block?

i'm still trying to figure out if these contractors had any idea what they were doing. i guess maybe not. why would the run the stranded line if there was no way to connect it?


February 15th, 2007, 07:55 AM
do you know how many sets your system will operate? you may be adding more sets without the system being provisioned for more sets.

if you are wanting to run the same system phones, id guess that would be your very first course of action. it is possible to hook up a pots phone, and run it through the existing wiring(regardless of polarity btw) and run it to the jack that you want, but of course it wont be 'in the system'. the way it appears in your pics, you are jumping off the block after the pots line goes through your system, so you either need another card in the system to handle more sets, or the wiring is not to the correct jack.

February 15th, 2007, 02:53 PM
these two phones will use the last two existing voicemails in the system. the two lines i want to use were already wired to jacks on one wall of the large room we divided into 3 offices. that's why i disconnected the two pairs going from the block to those jacks, and connected the pots lines there instead, w/o realizing that the stranded wire wouldn't work in the block.

anyway, i need these phones in the system, so i guess the only thing to do is pull out the pots line and put in cat3? i'd REALLY like to know if this is going to work before i do that, so if you guys need any more info to figure out what i'm trying to do please let me know.