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  1. my friends house
  2. electrical discoveries in my house
  3. Christmas light stories....
  4. Instructions of Code interpretation proceedures
  5. Wouldn't Listen!
  6. Life as a contractor
  7. Stand and Seal "Watchdog" website
  8. Construction accidents
  9. Eh, PM box full?
  10. Problems I have run into
  11. Overspanned Built-Up Floor Beam!
  12. pex photos
  13. I guess we need a RANT section
  14. screws on wall switch are hot
  15. heat and ac
  16. someone please help!
  17. Deadly Ground Rod Disaster
  18. Kitchen cabinets flatlined!
  19. Utilities cable buried
  20. What’s wrong with these picture?
  21. Why do we use blackpipe for gas?
  22. Unlocating Service
  23. Any Critters in your Attic?
  24. My House :-(
  25. "keyless door entry"
  26. CAT5 to carry 120v power!!
  27. DIY lowered basement
  28. I am buying a house which has an existing leanto
  29. Tapped a 240v stove circuit for 120v
  30. humming home
  31. Sound proofed room is not sound proofed
  32. Living in a construction nightmare?
  33. Plumbing Horror in Savannah, GA
  34. This Old House
  35. Unusual framing design
  36. Batt Insulation On Wrong Side Of Vapour Barrier!
  37. Is this a lousy granite installation?
  38. Push on switch for a free shock
  39. Hunter Ceiling Fans
  40. Sheet rock ceiling is cracking