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  1. Slicing telephone line
  2. whats needed to run from demarc?
  3. extending phone from one bedroom to the next
  4. polarity on phoneline?
  5. Ac Voltage On Phone Line!
  6. could phone line routing cause poor connection speeds?
  7. it does pay sometimes to call the phone co.
  8. Phone and Cable wiring
  9. Demarcation Box
  10. radio on phone
  11. Nosie on home cordless phone
  12. Butt-Splicing Phone Wire
  13. Replacing "old" phone wiring connection plate
  14. Home telephone wiring problem
  15. changing 2 lines to 1
  16. Telecommunication wiring in new residential construction
  17. Phone wire
  18. Telephone wiring termination
  19. self help
  20. Line 1 & 2 Color Code
  21. Phone line and Security system
  22. 1 phone, dial tone; 2 phones, no dial tone
  23. trying to start anew
  24. Please help - wiring issue
  25. phone is on but no dialtone
  26. Red/Green Polarity
  27. Leviton 49560 or Aines 140 Toner
  28. Telephone line won't clear after a call
  29. demarc box wiring?
  30. No Dail tone - Tie down
  31. Do I need to run a new phone outlet?
  32. Lacing cable bundles.
  33. Office phone problems
  34. Need to connect new phone service with existing jack in condo
  35. Line troubles, internet.
  36. Line in use indicator.
  37. No dial-tone in house
  38. One-Ring Problem, Intermittent
  39. Connecting Internet Phone System To House Wiring
  40. line active to house, no dialtone inside
  41. buzzing noise
  42. Punchdown block
  43. DSL connection problems on basement jacks
  44. CAT 5E for phone
  45. Tree growing next to phone box
  46. Phone wires in new construction
  47. Telephone Basic Question
  48. Removing a daisy chain
  49. older phone
  50. If you have a cell phone
  51. bell 2500- my voice sounds scratcy- what can I do?
  52. Polarity of the NID "test jack"
  53. New Question - Color codes for old phones?
  54. VOIP over wall jacks?
  55. Yet another VOIP-to-walljack newbie
  56. Cable and phone in same conduit?
  57. Cat5e wiring from the NID
  58. Static on my telephone
  59. pay phones
  60. Trying to understand telephone wires
  61. New Construction - Simple connection = $115?
  62. old box on house- how to hook up new wires?
  63. Vonage and satellite receivers?
  64. LV hub
  65. Need Phone In Remote Guest Cabin
  66. Daisy Chain Question
  67. Cell phone antenna for house (repeater)?
  68. Wire Phone to Ring for on Stage
  69. Intermittent One-Ring Problem
  70. Re-wiring an existing jack
  71. Telephone Network Problem
  72. Need to switch a line 2 jack into a line1 jack
  73. strange looking jack?
  74. Telephone cable
  75. Difference between Canadian/U.S. phone wiring?
  76. Phone line problems
  77. Line 1 dial tone / Line 2 No dial tone on a 2 Line Phone.
  78. need help with town home phone line
  79. Switching from 2 lines to 1 line
  80. Phone line nightmare
  81. No Dial Tone since plugging in Security System
  82. Age old Demarc Issue
  83. intermittent beep tone
  84. DSL problem, need help.
  85. Amplifing telephone lines
  86. Incoming call problem
  87. Out of Area Phone Call Blocking
  88. what kind of adapter do I need?
  89. new problem and challenge
  90. Troubleshooting No Dial Tone
  91. Antique wall phone
  92. adding POTS lines to 66-block? - please help
  93. Locating wire
  94. Telephone Wiring
  95. Hooking up DSL splitter at NID
  96. Split 4 lines to 5 different phone?
  97. no outgoing sound on old bell telephone
  98. No dial tone; DSL working
  99. No dial tone; DSL working
  100. DSL ok, dial tone ... not
  101. Repair telepfone devices
  102. Vintage European Phone - dialing noise in ear piece
  103. Lines Open and Phone Issues
  104. Adding Phone/Cable Jack
  105. Rewiring the phones in the house
  106. Calls out, incoming calls autoanswer and hangup
  107. Telephone wiring
  108. What to do with Very Old Telephone Wiring?
  109. Consumer Side Telcom Side of Demark Box
  110. No Caller ID at computer
  111. 1960 Automatic Electric Rotary .... Wiring help???
  112. ISDN Wiring Question
  113. Locating Missed Calls?
  114. How to wire phone to ring and...
  115. Convert Hard Wired 554 Wall Phone to Modular
  116. My DLS connects from one phone jack in the house, but not from another.
  117. Digital PH
  118. Sticky rotary phone dial
  119. Help troubleshooting problem
  120. Help with wiring phone back
  121. Internal wiring problem?
  122. Canada:Cat 5e :Telephone Jack Inquiry
  123. Canada: RJ-11
  124. Wiring for a second line
  125. Phone Needs Ground
  126. Need phone/DSL jack; extend from NID?
  127. Need help rewiring a phone jack for another line
  128. Undoing Digital Cable Telephone Wiring
  129. Two NIDs? How to combine?
  130. speaker for paging phone line
  131. Cat 3 phone wiring
  132. Beginner question
  133. Running line to tractor shed
  134. A phone line with no dial tone runs my computer
  135. Telephone Wiring
  136. How to install new line for dry-loop DSL?
  137. Dead Phone Line During a Hard Rain
  138. dog pulled lines out in box outside
  139. do all homes have demarcation boxes?
  140. Need to know how to wired an existing phone jack for 3rd phone line
  141. Hooking up Old Phone
  142. troubleshooting emergency phone / line
  143. Canada Do Not Call list
  144. Add wiring to NID for specific use for DSL.
  145. new DSL not working with splitter
  146. 66 Block to NID to Biscuit Jack
  147. Cat 5e Keystone Jack wiring question
  148. How to connect two old antique wall phones?
  149. reverse polarity advice
  150. dialtone - make a call - then nothing
  151. expandable cordless phones
  152. one-way calls..
  153. rotary phone splice
  154. will this work???
  155. Link to a 66 port wiring diagram?
  156. Wireless Telephone System
  157. Merlin Phone Systems?
  158. Help rewiring from Dryloop internet to DSL phone not working!
  159. Ghost Phone Wiring
  160. Wiring for 2 lines with secutiry system - why does this work
  161. Phone wiring/DSL
  162. 110 to 45 patch cables
  163. Help in Identifying Telephone Wiring Setup
  164. Help with no dial tone
  165. extend ckt from 66 block to SDSL router using cat5 cable
  166. Diagnosis help. Help a newbie out please.
  167. 2 phone lines, DSL, and home secuirty wiring question!
  168. Pushbutton telephone problem
  169. Leich wall phone - no dial tone
  170. Voicemail light doesn't work anymore.
  171. Rotary phone wiring
  172. Help, Videotron to ACN back to Videotron
  173. 2line phones will not ring line one
  174. telephone wiring
  175. Complete a cross connect??
  176. Phone Interface
  177. What are these things?
  178. Moved into townhome, not sure where to start! (pictures)
  179. No Dial Tone
  180. Cat 5e for new phones
  181. Convert 3 Wire Older Phone To New Phone Jack
  182. DSL works fine but no dial tone
  183. somebody help to make sense of this
  184. Is this normal wiring? Phone and Internet
  185. Help with old style BT wiring and broadband speed!
  186. Which wires connect with which (UK Phone)
  187. Communication cable for new addition
  188. connection between 2 different phone lines
  189. Eight Wire Vs Six Wire???
  190. Need Wiring Help
  191. Please help! Connecting wires for jack for 2nd line
  192. RJ45 connector using Silver Flat Wire,
  193. phone lines- 2 lines
  194. Troubleshooting Cross Talk
  195. Phone wiring - DSL working when phone is plugged in
  196. Moving Fax line - Office Environment
  197. Wiring problem?
  198. Connecting more than 1 jack = busy signal
  199. Phone line connected to ringer box?
  200. No dialtone when wired up
  201. telephone static after rain or dew
  202. wire a 1965 sc rotary
  203. Phone line to new home?
  204. Connecting a digital phone to analog service
  205. Mblock Help (Pictures)
  206. noise/hum coming from phone
  207. Antique Wooden Phone Forum?
  208. Old Demarc Box
  209. DSL Old Dermarc Box
  210. DSL on same wire as telephone
  211. Phone Jack
  212. Some jacks suddenly not working
  213. Selecting loud telephone bell
  214. Running another jack directly off an existing jack
  215. Junction box wiring?
  216. How to reconnect an 8 wire line to 4 wire house lines
  217. Testing at the NID
  218. second line
  219. No dial tone, but internet still works.
  220. Call Waiting message displayed
  221. No dialtone for 5th phone outlet
  222. New Construction Question
  223. Using a DSL Splitter on the incoming line?
  224. Old Network Interface Device Wiring
  225. Wiring a new phone jack
  226. Converting old phone/internet box to telephone only jack
  227. Wire Trouble
  228. Polishing Old Phone Cases
  229. Replacing and Rewiring old wires with Cat5e
  230. 2nd line wiring
  231. How can I clean up this rat's nest?
  232. Old ADT system has my phone line
  233. wiring help (with pics)
  234. DSL filter wiring idea. Clever or not?
  235. Call device
  236. 2 Cables in the Interface Device
  237. phone line static
  238. No dial tone, DSL works, rats nest junction box
  239. ADSL faceplate
  240. NID to DSL modem
  241. Business Line Wiring
  242. Internet/Phone Wiring
  243. Newbie needs phone wiring advice
  244. Using Cat 6 for Telephone wiring?
  245. Can a phone cable be directly attached from wall connection to phone?
  246. No dial tone!
  247. Can a phone cable be directly attached from wall connection to phone?
  248. Underground cable problem
  249. New telephone wiring system installed at my house
  250. How do I change wiring in a telephone jack for line 1 and 2?